Substratal Code

This is really just the boring technical details of Andrew Anderson. Interested in finding out more about me?


Focused on server side technologies, such as Ruby on Rails and Elixir.

Capable in browser focused languages, working in Javascript with jQuery as the primary framework.

Primary influencer of adoption of agile methodologies (typically by another name) in current work environment.

Interested and learning about automated testing with tools like RSpec and Capybara.

Technical support for retail clients through a variety of high profile and high revenue sales, including custom browser programming to accommodate client needs.


Influenced design and was primary developer for several custom content management systems, one of which runs over 30 websites.

Instituted internal workflow tools such as Git and Grunt, from evangelization to implementation to instruction.

Development of custom applications for clients, including a native iOS application and a conference information app. The conference app included synchronized slide sharing setup and video streaming.

Familiar with several variaties of API interfaces from SOAP to JSON, including creating Ruby wrappers.

Developed a website management application in Adobe Air.

Implementation of website designs from a mobile first perspective.

Conversion of existing sites from inflexible CSS2 layouts to responsive layouts with scattered CSS3.

Created design guide and cues for a small business, integrated cues into multiple Wordpress-based websites. (Don’t hire me for design, by the way.)

Deployed and maintained applications across a variety of environments, including Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk, and custom VPS instances using Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment systems such as Codeship.


  1. 2004-2006, Associates Degree in Information Systems Technology, Wytheville Community College
  2. 2006-2009, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Old Dominion University

Work History

  1. 2005-2006 Intern, IT Department of Wytheville Community College
  2. 2008-2011 Contract Developer, Various
  3. 2008-2014 Developer & All Around Geek, Ronningen Design

Favorites, Specialities, & Interests

  1. Clean code, whether it be Ruby, Javascript, or even Sass.
  2. Digging deep into a problem to make something amazing happen.
  3. Setting up or creating tools that make life easier.
  4. Working with people passionate about solutions to help people.
  5. Great photos of great places.
  6. My family.
  7. A beautiful countryside and a winding road.


Available upon request.